Friday, May 09, 2008

My future son-in-law


Oh, well. At least he's White!

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Anonymous said...

This is the only way,
November 1,2009

Dear sir or mrs.,

At there is a hackers program that I call a {ghost} , because you do not know when you are being spied on. Unless you drop your anti virus petition.
I was given permission to use this ghost program at in order to get the people within to call the Redwood City Policy Department in Ca.{ 650-780-7100 or 650-780-7131.}
I have also contacted the Boynton Beach Police dept. Fl. At{ 561- 742-6100 }than push 0 to connect

I wish to share this so that those using this will stop. I have tried for over 7 days to bring this issue to the public, because it starts at to to

Last night I contacted over 200 people about this spy ware and now I must continue because what is taking place is not right. Any more information needed I do and can give it to you.

I have found that a democrat party that is around 100 000 strong is using this program that I now have.
A Mrs. Kristi K. is as far as I can tell the leader at Amnesty Inernational and she is is involved at these other groups.

Sin., Henry Massingale
561 734 1376

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