Wednesday, September 04, 2002

The French

These crazed leftists want a global tax! Hey, man, go for it. I'll just campaign for the office of Supreme Ruler of Gaia on a platform of "global tax relief" and "compassionitivity". And I'll prolly win, too!

By the way, here's the last sentence in the item :

"The sources close to Chirac, who was due to speak in Johannesburg around midday local time (11 a.m. British time) on Monday, pointed to studies suggesting global development aid would have to be doubled to around $100 billion (64 billion pounds) to really fight poverty."

Hmm. So the suspiciously-round number "$100 billion" will "really" fight poverty. So I suppose $200 billion will "really, really" fight poverty?

But I guess at the present time, the annual $50 billion hand-out-to-savage-autocrats only "kinda sorta" fights poverty. Pffft.

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