Wednesday, September 25, 2002

I Love This Time Of Year!

The weather is getting cooler. The leaves will be changing color soon, and falling to the ground in waves. Yes, waves, just like waves of B-52s dropping bombs on madmen and their mercs.

Oh, and the quality of sport this time o' the year! The football teams are just getting into the swing of things, while the baseball players are tackling the pressure of pennant races. And it's third and long for a certain gentlemen in Iraq. Though not all of the bombers will be from the Bronx, I'm certainly hoping he'll be brushed back.

Yes, this time of year is a wonderous time. A brief respite before the rush of the holiday season. But if you hear anyone climbing down your chimney this season, you better grab your gun and shoot to kill.

Ah, and as the night air becomes chilly, and longtime lovers gaze into the clear sky to gawk in awe at the beauty of the stars that dazzle with such faraway brilliance in the heavens, I am calmed, and optimistic of things to come. I'll love to watch you die, Saddam. Pretty soon, you're fucked.

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