Friday, August 16, 2002

Read This!

From the leftist Guardian :

""Israel would have to expect to be the first casualty, as in 1991 when Saddam sought to bring Israel into the Gulf conflict. This time, using weapons of mass destruction, he might succeed, provoking Israel to respond, perhaps with nuclear weapons, unleashing an Armageddon in the Middle East," Mr Scowcroft wrote in the Wall Street Journal.

"The Israeli government has vowed it would not stand by in the face of attacks as it did in 1991, when Iraqi Scud missiles landed on Israeli cities. It claims it has Washington's backing for retaliation.

"Mr Scowcroft is the elder statesman of the Republican foreign policy establishment, and his views are widely regarded as reflecting those of the first President Bush. The fierceness of his attack on current administration policy illustrates the gulf between the elder Bush and his son, who has surrounded himself with far more radical ideologues on domestic and foreign policy."

First of all, we don't have to worry about Israel using nukes on Iraq. I mean, it very well could happen, but that's not something I worry about. Hell, let the Jews do the job for us!

Second, daddy is fully supportive of my war plans, contrarious to the authoritarian of this article. Hell, I'm doing it for him! When Baghdad is turned into a barren sea of green glass, poppy's legacy will be complete!

And third, how the hell does this guy get off calling folks like Colin Powell and C. T. Whitman "radical ideologues on domestic and foreign policy"? I know the British are toothless, but are they mindless as well?

Oh, yeah and to all British subjects, or serfs, or whatever : Please continue to support us in this war on terrism! No one else will, so we'd kinda appreciate it...

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