Saturday, July 27, 2002

Reading Is Im-por-tant

My wife, Laura, is a former librarian, and is very concerned about illiteraciousness in America. To help combat this, she has started a Book Club in hopes of encouraging young people to read more better.

This month's pick : "His Iron Hands" by Wanda Dick. An excerpt :

"The large, hairy man held me down while he thrust his massive, throbbing, purple-headed warrior deep into my gushing flesh-hole. I screamed out in a mixture of pleasure and pain; he slapped me once to quiet me, then spit in my eyes. My mind went numb as orgasmic shockwaves ripped through my lower body. I could feel my own juices pooling on the cool basement floor I was lying on. When his twin brother arrived with a German Shepherd, I knew this was to be no ordinary Friday night."

Damn! This sure beats "Harry Potter"!

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