Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Something to consider

Rove came to me this morning and said polling suggests that Jenna's image is being hurt not just by her actions, which are often immoral and illegal, but also because she shares her name with the world's most famous adult film actress. As Karl put it, "Frankly, Mr. President, 'Jenna Bush' sounds more like a porn star than 'Jenna Jameson'."

That Karl is one deep thinker! He said we should quickly move to rename her, and offered some suggestions :

  • Busch Bush
  • Bad, Bad Leroy Bush
  • The Presidential Daughter Formerly Known As 'Jenna' Bush
  • Barbara Bush (another one?)
  • The Cheap Date
  • Scuzbucket

Personally, I lean more towards keeping her current name. Just don't tell Karl. He angers easily...

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